The other day, we had really strong winds, and by the end of the day, our yard was covered in tree branches. Today, I finally went out to clean them up. As I went around picking up the large branches, I thought I was doing quite well. I stacked them in a nice pile between two trees. Then, I turned around, and to my dismay, there were a lot of smaller ones I had left behind. After making a couple rounds, I looked over the yard again, only to find many tiny branches and twigs. Eventually, I was able to get the vast majority picked up. It was kind of the opposite of the popular phrase. I could not see the trees for the forest.

In many ways, I think this is often how God asks us to clean up our lives. He will often focus on the “biggest” problems first. Then, after those are resolved, we begin to see the “smaller” sins. He ultimately wants all of us to be clean of sin, but sometimes we cannot see the smaller hidden ones if we do not first work on the bigger more obvious issues.

So, where are you? Is God still working on the “big stuff,” or has He begun to now focus on the previously hidden areas of your life?

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