I recently read a great post by Matt Brown, of Think Eternity, that declared 5 reasons why social media is important for the church. It is something I realized early on when dealing with student ministry. However, as social media grows beyond just the younger generations, it is becoming more and more obvious this is where the world is going.

The 5 Reasons:

  1. Discipleship needs more than a weekly service.
  2. Social media allows us to reinforce what God is saying.
  3. Social media keeps you on your toes.
  4. Social media allows you to reach outside your church.
  5. Social media gives your church a broader platform.

As the church moves forward into this new arena, we need to make sure we do it well, but the big thing is to make sure to pay attention to it. It is where people are today, and if Jesus has asked us to go (Matt. 28:19), then we need to go to the internet and social media.

Read the entire post with explanations from Matt Brown.

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