So, guess what! We’ve got about 30 high school students going on our mission trip this summer to VT. 30!! How awesome is that!? However, trips like this cost money. They have to pay for the supplies, transportation, housing, etc. while we are there.

So, my question is this. Would you be willing to allow God to use you in an awesome way and partner with them? They are ready and willing to go serveothers and serve God. They just need others to partner with them in 2 ways. One is prayer. Please pray for these students. The second is finances. Each student needs to raise $300. If you can help, please let me know!

By serving in either or both of these ways, you will be helping a high school student make a HUGE impact on this world! They are ready to show that they can and will change the world!

All checks can be sent to:

Rockingham Christian Church
5 Industrial Way, Unit 2
Salem, NH 03079 

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