tydlibc_drywall_1Today, I am starting a new series of posts on here entitled, “Things You Don’t Learn in Bible College,” where I will discuss the vast number of things I did not learn in my Bible College career. Some of these things are ministry-related, and others are not. Most of them, however, will be things I have had to do while in ministry – the things you wish you would have learned while in Bible College.

First up is carrying drywall. I am literally sitting here, still panting, as I write this blog post. During my 10+ years of ministry (both volunteer and full-time), I have been around various building projects. Today was the first time I’ve ever had to carry more than one sheet of drywall. Man, that stuff is incredibly heavy and awkward! Our contractor (who is, coincidentally, also my landlord) had to leave for the day to take care of his daughter, and he asked me to help the delivery guy when he arrived. That is the last time I agree to something like that!


For those of you ready to call me out, these were 5/8 x 4 x 10 Fireguard Gypsum Boards. Each of those are about 88 lbs, and we had eight of them!

I always thought I was fairly athletic, but my body was not ready for the seemingly nonstop effort it had to put forth carrying those things off a truck, up the stairs, around the corners, and through several doors that kept closing on us. I seriously felt like I was going to pass out afterward.

Perhaps this is just my body telling me that I need to kick my workout routine into overdrive, or maybe this is something they should teach you in Bible College. Either way, I will be much more prepared the next time I get asked to do something like this. My response will be something like, “How much drywall? Who else will be helping? Is there any way I can avoid the feeling I had after the last time?” That’s just one of the things they should add to the ministry curriculum in Bible College.


This is just the beginning of this new blog series. I’ve got a list of at least five more, as of now. But before I continue, what do you think? Should I keep this up? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Things You Don’t Learn in Bible College: Carrying Drywall

  1. Great stuff Steve! How about: how to deal with trustees that have been promising to fix a broken van for a year???

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