It has been a LONG time since I’ve done a ministry update post. For my original financial and prayer supporters, I apologize for that. I felt as though I needed to share some recent revelations with you all.

Tonight, we had almost 70 students at our youth group event. While some may look at that number as extremely high, and others may see it as a low number, I see it differently. Normally, I hate talking attendance numbers. I think God is more excited about the number of students who know Him and are growing closer to Him. However, this is an exception. Why? Because about five years ago, I was just four months into my new ministry job here at RCC. At that time, we probably had around 10 kids coming on a good night. In fact, the times we broke 20 were really exciting.

I say all this to not build myself up at all! Instead, I just want to publicly thank God for wanting to use me and this amazing team of volunteers He has organized at RCC. It is such a privilege to call this my job! In the times when things are just crazy busy, and it is so easy to forget things like this, I thank God that He finds ways to remind me that He is still in charge, He loves me, and He wants to use me. What an honor!

This weekend, I will go on my sixth winter retreat with our group. The first year, we took around 12, and this year we are taking almost 30. Our summer mission trip, workcampNE, is also growing just as much, if not faster! Four or five of our seniors are planning to attend Bible College, and four of our juniors are considering it as well. God is not only bringing more students through our doors, but He is bringing them closer to Him, and using them in amazing ways in the world around them.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you even more for believing in a God who answers those prayers!


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