Dear Dad,

I probably haven’t said this enough through the years, but I love you, and I thank you so much for sticking it out!! I know it wasn’t always the easiest thing to be our dad, but you did it anyway. You worked the long hours to provide for us. You made it to almost all of our games and other school events. You even coached us several years. You made God a priority and set an example of how to follow Him. You stepped in and mentored my peers. You also helped to make home a great place to be. You showed me what it was like to love your wife, and you taught me how to be a man. You were a father in all aspects of the word, and for that, I am forever grateful. In a world where so many children have fathers who have stepped away, you were there. Sure, you were not perfect, but no one is, except Jesus. Thank you for following Him as you father us!

Your Son,

P.S. (to everyone else):

Today, let us honor our fathers, but let’s also honor those who are father-figures to many in the form of a mentor, teacher, etc. I am not a father yet, but I know that it has to be a difficult job to help lead children, all the while reflecting our Heavenly Father, and always falling short. Thanks to Him for grace, and thanks to Him for the strength to keep going. May God bless all the fathers and mentors out there, who are doing their part to change what many call the “fatherless-generation” that we live in!! You are making a difference!!

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