Hopefully I will not need to drink too much of this to keep my energy this summer.

The last few years, summer has not been that relaxing. It all starts with a trip to Los Angeles for E3. This is mostly a fun trip, where I play video games and write up some blog posts for Then, a few weeks later is Camp Create, our church’s summer arts camp. About a week later, I speak at a camp. The following week, I lead a high school mission trip. Finally, I usually head up to SoulFest, a Christian music festival in early August. This makes for one busy summer. Don’t get me wrong. I love it, but I do long for the days when I use to relax most days in the summer. Oh well…

Please pray for my summer of traveling, speaking, and leading. Most plans are coming together well, but other things are still up in the air. We are having a harder time finding transportation during our mission trip this year, and I still need to book a flight for one of my best friend’s wedding in August (oh, right… I forgot to mention that earlier).

For all my friends and family who regularly read this as a way to keep up on my life and ministry, and for those who actually pray for my prayer requests, I think you very much!!

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