YM Resource – Facebook for Pastors

I found this the other day.  Admitting I haven't read the entire thing yet, it does seem pretty good so far.  I've been using Facebook in ministry ever since I've moved to New Hampshire.  This e-book, however, has some great ideas that I'd not thought of yet.  Thanks to Chris Forbes for writing this and … Continue reading YM Resource – Facebook for Pastors

“Expelled” Mini-Review (5-30-08)

On Wednesday night, my roommate (Mark) and I went to go see “Expelled:  No Intelligence Allowed.”  If you have not heard/seen anything about this movie, click here to go to its website.  Basically, it is a documentary done by Ben Stein to show how professors, scientists, and other professionals have been fired or strongly disciplined … Continue reading “Expelled” Mini-Review (5-30-08)