New RCC Student Ministry Website

This week, I finally decided to move the RCC Students' website from a site to a site. While this might not mean anything to many of you, I'll explain it a bit. Essentially, it is still the same, except for a few big things. Instead of being hosted on a free site, we … Continue reading New RCC Student Ministry Website

Thoughts Behind Summer Programming

As many already know, our student ministry programming takes a different look in the summer.  We do not simply cancel our weekly programs; we just take another approach.  There are many reasons behind this.  Another youth minister, who serves at a church in Michigan, recently put together some of his thoughts on why they similarly … Continue reading Thoughts Behind Summer Programming

Orange Conference – Moving Forward

Almost 3 weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Orange Conference.  This was my first conference in several years, and I was very excited to attend.  My experience, though, surpassed my expectations.  I have already shared my notes from each day on my blog, but I wanted to share some ideas I have on how … Continue reading Orange Conference – Moving Forward

Modern Faith – When Listening is not Enough

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of filling in for our lead minister, Tom Gerdts while he was out of town, visiting his daughter in Turkey.  Now, it is over, and I am very relieved.  Not because it was a horrible experience or anything.  It is just that I get a little bit nervous every time … Continue reading Modern Faith – When Listening is not Enough

Do you have talent?

This Saturday evening, our high school students will be putting on the first-ever "RCC's Got Talent" event.  In addition to a talent show, we will have a silent auction with TONS of great items!  Every dollar raised that night will go to fund future Student Ministries' mission trips. It will start off helping them go … Continue reading Do you have talent?

Deep Freeze 2010 – Recap

What a great weekend! On February 12, we left RCC with 20 students, 5 adults, and 3 vehicles.  One student had to go home on Saturday morning due to sickness, so we were left with 24 total people at Deep Freeze 2010.  This winter retreat at Camp Berea (Hebron, NH) is a great opportunity for … Continue reading Deep Freeze 2010 – Recap

Sermon – 9th Commandment: Truth Worth Living

This past Sunday, August 30, as our Lead Minister, Tom Gerdts, was out of town on vacation.  I was called to fill in on preaching.  We are wrapping up our "Law & Order" series on the Ten Commandments, and I was given the ninth.  The Scripture says that, "You shall not give false testimony against … Continue reading Sermon – 9th Commandment: Truth Worth Living