Why I Live and Serve in New England

People often ask why I do what I do, and why I moved halfway across the country. This study from the Barna Group shows America's most and least Bible-minded cities. Guess who is the least... That's why I live and do ministry in New England.

Ministry Update: Deep Freeze 2013 Recap

Two weekends ago, we took 29 students and 8 adult leaders to Camp Berea for a winter retreat called "Deep Freeze." It was a great weekend! Not only did we have a ton of fun, many of the students took big leaps in their relationship with God. In fact, two of our students made a … Continue reading Ministry Update: Deep Freeze 2013 Recap

Ministry Update – January 27, 2013

It has been a LONG time since I've done a ministry update post. For my original financial and prayer supporters, I apologize for that. I felt as though I needed to share some recent revelations with you all. Tonight, we had almost 70 students at our youth group event. While some may look at that … Continue reading Ministry Update – January 27, 2013

Excited for the Future

This summer was packed full of speaking engagements, traveling, and many opportunities to talk with people from other churches. In fact, even though it was one of my busiest summers, it was one of the best for that very reason. I was able to hear God-stories from other places around New England. One thing that … Continue reading Excited for the Future

workcampNE 2012 Reflections

This year, we participated in our fifth year, as a church, in a local mission trip, called workcampNE. The main focus of these week-long trips is to serve those less fortunate. This involves doing home repair and cleanup with several other youth groups. (Head to workcampne.com for more info on this ministry, and if you … Continue reading workcampNE 2012 Reflections

Shining Like Stars at SICSC 2012

This past weekend, I flew to St. Louis, and then drove to southern Illinois (actually, I just rode along) for a chance to speak and play music at Southern Illinois Christian Service Camp. This was the fourth time I have made this trip, and it seems to get better every year. In addition to working … Continue reading Shining Like Stars at SICSC 2012

Please Consider Helping Our Students Serve at WorkcampNE 2012

So, guess what! We've got about 30 high school students going on our mission trip this summer to VT. 30!! How awesome is that!? However, trips like this cost money. They have to pay for the supplies, transportation, housing, etc. while we are there. So, my question is this. Would you be willing to allow … Continue reading Please Consider Helping Our Students Serve at WorkcampNE 2012

Getting Back into Bible Study

Over the past few years here at RCC, I've often asked myself what we can do for students who are ready to dive deeper into the Bible. Many times, we recommend that they go through a specific devotional or something, but I also knew they were missing something in the form of studying the Bible … Continue reading Getting Back into Bible Study

Puerto Rico 2011 Mission Trip Photos

Hey, everyone. I know I've not been updating lately. I apologize. I've been busy, and I've also been sick. I've had a virus for about two weeks now, that I am finally getting over. Until my next post, I hope you will enjoy some photos from our recent mission trip to Puerto Rico. I would … Continue reading Puerto Rico 2011 Mission Trip Photos